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Gabby – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Owner & Creator of Pepo Skincare



Naturopathic Medicine Consultation

Naturopathic initial consultation is a comprehensive investigation of your presenting symptoms, underlying condition and potential contributing systems. You will spend 70-90mins with Talita where she will get to know you and your case as well as medical history in much detail. Additional to a full case history, this consultation includes an iris analysis (iridology), integrated screening tools, and dietary analysis.
From an initial consultation, you can expect a thorough understanding and education of your current health status and comprehensive treatment plan that incorporates the use of herbal/nutritional medicine, dietary/ lifestyle requirements, & exercise suggestions. Talita prides herself of a high standard of care and thorough investigation of your health, so you can feel comfortable that you having taken a huge bound forward to achieving optimal health by the end of all consultations.

70 – 90 minutes


Infant/Child Consultation

Talita dives into your child’s health with thorough case taking by seeking information about your pregnancy, birth and post-birth. This will give Talita an integrated view on immunity, gut health and microbiome which combined with non-invasive screening tools help to show the comprehensive health status of your child, including nutritional deficiencies.

From there whether you are breastfeeding/formula feeding or onto the food chapter Talita can educate you about your child’s current health picture, the ‘why’, and then set you on an individualised plan for you and your child. Conditions regularly treated in children are skin reactions, asthma, immunisation reactions, digestive dysfunction, allergies/intolerances and behavioural issues/ unsettled children.

These consultations are also fabulous for the beginning of introducing solids to your bub, with the company of her book ‘Baby, It’s Only Natural’ identifying exactly where your bub is and when is the optimal time for introducing foods and if there are any extra steps required to get the best results for introducing food. Plus you can ask all the questions and concerns you may have with this food chapter so you can leave feeling educated and empowered for moving forward.

30 – 45 minutes


Express Phone Consultation

At Lahlita Natural Medicine we want you to feel supported continuously and that you can reach out when life’s challenges arise. This phone appointment is for those small questions you may have arise in between consultations. Little concerns that may pop up for yourself or whether to continue with your treatment or specific supplements or herbal formula.
For your child we understand it can be daunting when the eating patterns change, they may pick up a cold or changes that you just need to chat out. Both Talita & Georgia are happy to help you over these hurdles.

15 minutes


Education: Webinars & Workshops

After 11+ years in clinic helping babies, kids and the whole family, Talita has become passionate about educating parents (and kids!) about how they can deal with more health issues in the comfort of their own homes.

We know that a naturopathic consultation can go fast and we don’t always have the time to go deep into certain educational topics.

These webinars and workshops are an integral and supportive part of your health journey, and the more you show up to and learn about the more confident you will feel in navigating your own health journey as well as your family’s.

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