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Baby, It’s Only Natural


Why the Baby It’s Only Natural Book?

Baby, It’s Only Natural by Talita Sheedy, provides mums with practical advice and up-to-date evidence based information so they can confidently introduce new foods to their baby’s diet.

With an integrated whole body approach in mind, Talita Sheedy – author, naturopath & mum of 2 – emphasises the importance of building your baby’s natural immunity , gut health, microbiome, and the prevention of food intolerances and behavioural disorders.

This book includes a week-by-week guide to introducing foods, explanation of baby-led weaning vs purees with nutrients being the focus, food introduction guidelines, information about allergies and intolerances and an abundance of recipes. It also outlines how to support your baby through illness by utilising the healing power of nutrients.

By expelling the huge impact that food can have on your baby in the present and future, Talita hopes to empower parents to make informed decisions early on. It is truly rewarding to be able to positively influence your baby’s future physical and emotional health.

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Baby drinking a natural green smoothie
Natural food in a coconut bowl
Natural ingredients for pancakes
Talita Sheedy and her baby

Book testemonials

Talita has opened my eyes in terms of mine and my families health. 

We have followed her book ‘baby it’s only natural’ for the introduction of food for both our children and he great success in both instances. We also love that the menus are fantastic for us to continue to enjoy as a family even as our children are getting older – pancakes are a family favourite!!!

- Kate

“When a little human relies solely on you for survival you continually question yourself! I was very scared about starting solids; plus the added fear from the reactions my little one had to certain foods through my breastmilk!

I purchased her book ‘Baby it’s only natural’ and it is an easy to follow guide for introducing solids while ensuring your Bubs health is at the forefront. Talita has included so much knowledge into one little book, hence, I highly recommend this book to any mother looking to start solids or even wanting to improve their bubs gut health. A healthy outside starts, from the inside.”

- Ashleigh

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