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If you are looking to consult a naturopath in Australia, either in person where I’m based at Coolum Beach in Queensland, or online, send me a message below.

Lahlita Natural Medicine
PO Box 1082
Coolum Beach


“Talita has helped me realign my life both physically and mentally. Her endless knowledge, support and warm nature means every visit is one to look forward to. I came to Talita after spending too many years going from doctor to doctor or trying to fix myself, so it’s been a blessing to have her guidance in this next chapter of my life.

I would highly recommend Talita to anyone who just doesn’t feel quite “right” or needs a bit of direction on their own health journey – she is an angel and a great addition to your holistic health team (and life in general)”

- Ashleigh

“From the first multi-faceted, thorough consultation, your gremlins & goblins that threaten your wellness learn they can run but not hide. Wow!  What a victory!  We’d been looking for a health professional like Talita for years & as seniors, we’ve had plenty of experience to know we’d arrived at our destination. 

A very impressive scientific knowledge base is complimented by a caring, supportive approach & coupled with a generosity of spirit. 

That’s Talita!  Give your (whole) self a treat!”

- Jandora


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