Pregnancy Kit


Why the Essential Holistic Pregnancy Kit?

Are you hoping for a conscious pregnancy that you can embrace the good as well as the challenges that are delivered?

Do you enjoy hearing both conventional and holistic views and are open to finding the path that is best suited to you but unsure where to start?

Would you like helpful easy tips to create smoother sailing through each week of your pregnancy?

Do you find comfort in connecting with other people by hearing their ups and downs of their own pregnancy journey, and knowing you’re not alone?

Do you love to be inspired by new knowledge and food ideas?

Are you motivated by yoga or have always wanted to include yoga into your daily ritual? And heard how beneficial for birth it is to practice yoga through pregnancy?

This Essential Holistic Pregnancy Kit helps to educate and empower you in choices unique to your pregnancy, birth and beyond. It supports the healthy natural growth of your bub-to-be and optimises the birth process and outcome for you and bub. It is enjoyable and inspiring as you give your baby the best start in life from the womb.


What Does the Essential Holistic Pregnancy Kit Include?

Week-by-week Holistic Pregnancy Guide

This thorough 117 page guide has your entire natural and conscious pregnancy needs covered. Containing scientific/medical knowledge as well as the whole body/ natural health advice, including nutritional recommendations, recipes and yoga poses to optimise your pregnancy and baby’s health from the womb – what a great start to life!

On a personal note it includes my own journey through my first pregnancy and what was happening for me weekly, I share my reality, vulnerabilities and lessons learnt. This book delivers insight from a view to encourage you to make the individual choices right for your pregnancy and to embody the acceptance that every pregnancy is unique and beautiful.

Baby Connection Meditation (VOICE RECORDING)

Taking the time to connect to your womb baby throughout your pregnancy is very fulfilling. This captivating meditation takes you through a journey of your 7 chakras relating each one to your pregnancy and growing bub-to-be. It supports you to become mindful of your baby and prepares you both for the upcoming birth, helping to attract the birth you desire. The meditation leaves you feeling empowered as a mother and embracing the pregnancy journey.

Daily Lahbub Yoga Session (VIDEO RECORDING)

Prenatal yoga is beautiful to connect the body and mind through your pregnancy. This enjoyable yoga flow will assist your physical preparation for birth, create room for your bub to find comfortable positions in the womb and also prevent many discomforts that can accompany pregnancy. Also relieving any anxiety, worry or fear that may be popping up by calming and centring the mind.

This video is recommended to embrace daily throughout pregnancy.


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