Mama’s Health Webinar Recording


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Choose to access the recording + handout only, or add on a women’s herbal blend and save $5. 

This in-depth webinar covers the essentials for thriving as a Mama.

Talita covers:

  • Benefits of tracking your cycle and how to plan your life in alignment with the 4 phases of your cycle.
  • The impact of stress on your hormonal health and how to optimise your physical and emotional processing of stress for healthy hormones.
  • The function of neurotransmitters such as dopamine as Mamas and how we can have healthy dopamine production to reduce emotional outbursts
  • How to manage afternoon energy slumps
  • How to manage common nutritional deficiencies
  • Herbal support for mothers
  • Best nutritional practices for Mamas to optimise energy and hormonal balance
  • Detailed handout providing webinar summary, recap on the phases of the menstrual cycle and nourishing recipes!

With this purchase, you get lifetime access to the recording link and handout.


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