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Weekly Baby News

Embryo: 2-4mm – Cram Rump Length (CRL) size of a sesame seed

The main parts of the neurological system are almost complete being the brain and spinal cord. It is common for mum to have low mood when neurological growth occurs due to the embryo using up mum’s nervous system nutrients. The teeny tiny cardiovascular system starts to divide into 3 systems, and the left and right lung buds start to form, this can result with mum experiencing shortness of breath and tiredness. It is also important to be careful of air toxins when the lungs are developing. Meanwhile the cochlear part of the embryo’s ear has begun forming.

Placenta connects to the embryo, by the evolving umbilical cord, where nutrients, oxygen and waste products begin to pass through. Once the placenta takes over completely it will take some of the strain off mum.

Naturopath Tips & Nutrition

To support mood this week due to the neurological development it is important to support with B-vitamins. Depending on the Natal multi-vitamin your using, you may need to take a separate B-vitamin complex. This was definitely ME this week, due to my history of emotional health I want to ensure I support bubs correct neuro growth as well as prevent any unnecessary mental strain on myself.

If hearing conditions are relevant in the family, it is important to support auditory development with appropriate nutrients, such as Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorus. Depending on your preconception care and presentations, whether extra supplement support is required. Always check with your naturopath if unsure. Below are foods that contain these nutrients that you can increase in your weekly eating.

CALCIUM: Not just dairy! Almonds, broccoli, buckwheat, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables.

VITAMIN D: synthesized from the sun, so get your bikini on this week and soak up the sun’s goodness. Also cod liver oil (if your game), tuna, egg yolk, milk, and sprouted seeds.

PHOSPHORUS: Almonds, beef, cashews, chicken, eggs, garlic, salmon and tuna.

This week definitely highlights the time to indulge in some Almond Butter YUM! This was something I could stomach with some cut up apple or celery. You can find almond butter in your health food section of supermarket or local health food store. It is full of nutrients (as mentioned) as well as protein and good fats which are essential for healthy baby growth.

Here is a photo of one of my favourite#LahlitaBuddhaBowls : Acai, Cashew butter, Almond butter, Hemp seeds, Pepitas & Sunflower seeds

My Journey

This week my family arrived for our early Christmas, I didn’t plan to tell them as it was such early days however the day my parents arrived I started to feel nauseous (perfect timing). We told them that night while we were out to dinner celebrating my birthday with them. We were at the same place we got married, so we thought what a beautiful oppurtunity where 15 months earlier we celebrated our love. Mum cried and made a small scene in the restaurant, haha bless her. And dad had a little tear and a beautiful big grin from ear to ear. My sister (Amy) arrived the next day and I held out all day until my 3 nieces went to bed. My sister has been on my case for quite a few months about having a baby, even answering the phone when I would call with ‘Are you Pregnant yet?’ So she was rather excited that her younger sister is finally having a baby and it will be 14mths apart from her youngest which is quite nice. The good thing about telling close family members early is that you don’t have to hide that you’re feeling rubbish & exhausted! While Amy found it hilarious that I was sick (as she had been there 3 times) however she and mum were very helpful and accommodating which was lovely. Amy is a kinesiologist and was able to work her skills and help balance my body to reduce symptoms. The crystal she found I needed was Muscovite (aka Mica), which assist with acceptance, unconditional love, opens intuition, aids transformation and aligns the subtle bodies and meridians with the physical body, bringing about balance – quite fitting.


This week I also became present to my first Super Woman Pregnancy Scent, wow now this is quite fun. On my ‘slow’ morning walk with Miss Meeka it was an explosion of smells. The beautiful smells of clean cut grass, wattle trees, jasmine and someone’s toast cooking. To the not so great smells of how intense it was to pick up Meeka’s poo, walking past a rubbish bin, smelling the exhaust of a car or the tradie smoking his cigarette and drinking his Red Bull while waiting for his lift. I first noticed how crazy it was when at a café and I asked if they were cooking chocolate, to which we figured out there was a small chocolate scented candle burning on the other side of the café. The craziest is when driving along the esplanade of Coolum and I was overwhelmed with the smell of prawn shells in a public bin, it was very intense to me but Paul couldn’t smell a thing, lucky him. I have days that I now have to drive with a shirt covering my nose when we are in our old car and we keep the windows down, just to prevent dry retching. Good Times! (Cars didn’t have air-conditioning in 1962)

Also noticed my ever-growing breasts, now this is definitely a sign of pregnancy, as nothing else (natural) will make your breasts grow so quickly and endlessly. And PAINFUL, gosh they are so sensitive even wearing a bra, or not wearing a bra is painful. While you would think having Barbie boobs would be a perk of pregnancy, not for me at this stage due to the discomfort. And then there is the frequent urination! Now I am one of those people that always have to pee before getting into the car before going somewhere, so me pregnant is completely ridiculous. At the moment it is nothing for me to have to urinate 3-6 times through the night, another discomfort of pregnancy – oh yay!

Yours in Health

Talita Sheedy


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