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Weekly Baby News

Baby Size: 46.2cm head to toe, 2383 grams (2.3kg)

Fun fruit reference: is the size of a coconut.

Baby’s growth is surging on and so too are the organ’s functioning and fine-tuning. The liver is starting to utilise the different detoxification phases as well as the kidneys are now completely developed. The respiratory system is very busy so it can finish developing by 37 weeks.

Mamma changes

Varicose veins may become more predominant and painful in the last trimester causing added discomfort. Horse chestnut and witch hazel ointments are recommended to apply for symptom relief and treatment. Also ensuring high levels of Vitamin C to assist vascular integrity. Keeping along the lines of the vascular system, are haemorrhoids that can also start to enlarge in the last few weeks, even prior to the labour. Again the above treatments are great to apply topically with the ointment and take the vitamin C internally for prevention of worsening and reduce the risk of worsening during labour.

Naturopath Advice – Natural Items to pack in your hospital bag

You may have received a list of the standard items to back for hospital however here are a few more holistic items you may like to include:

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil: this herb is a traditional labour herb that is commonly used during labour. It has been found to encourage labour so ensure you don’t start applying or sniffing until your ready, just in case. It is a womb tonic and found to also help dull labour pain. Emotionally it is uplifting, relaxing and good for transition in life, which is very appropriate in this time for mum and bub. It can be applied topically during labour or added to a oil diffuser.

  • Arnica tablets: The homeopathic arnica is used straight after birth to assist healing, and reduce any emotional and physical stress or trauma. Furthermore reducing bruising and promote gentle encouragement of mum’s uterus back to size by supporting soft tissues. Mum can take one every 30-60mins in the first day then 4 times a day continuing from there. Arnica will also be passed onto bub during breastfeeding to help him/her healing.

  • Magnesium Oil: I recommend in a spray for easy application during the labour to assist with any discomfort or tired muscles. Spraying onto the hips and thighs are helpful due to the tension in these areas, however not limited to. This oil can also be used with lavender oil to be massaged throughout the labour to assist with surges and tension in other areas of the body.

  • Vitamin B Complex: this supplement will be perfect to assist with energy levels throughout the labour, especially if it is an endurance labour. B vitamins will also help support your nervous system to stay calm, and assist utilisation of protein and carbohydrates.

  • Chamomile or Passionflower tea: to help calm nervous system if you become stressed or anxious through the labour, can also be used to settle nausea and stomach discomfort.

  • CD of the artist or album that you have been playing for your baby during pregnancy. This is a great way to create a calm and familiar environment for bub during skin on skin time directly after the labour.

  • Affirmation cards: you can make these yourself and add any inspiring quotes or few words that will help to empower you through labour. Jot down anything you hear during your pregnancy that jumps out at you or your partner. Pictures/ images are also helpful to assist visualisation.

  • Healthy Food: this is important as most hospitals don’t have the best reputation in providing good nutrient-dense food which highly important for the birth and recovery. Examples of food to prepare and take with you: protein balls, beef bone broth, frittata, boiled eggs, coconut water (take some natural protein powder to shake in with the coconut water), fruit, vegetable sticks and hummus, meatballs, yoghurt, mash vegetables – all of these foods are quite easy to eat, and will provide energy. Note not to consume heavy meals as can slow things down and add to discomfort, we need your body to focus on birthing bub.

My Journey

After all the family and friends left after the big non-baby-shower weekend, has left me with the reality of actually having a baby. I find myself in Button’s room fluffing around a little each day moving things and looking and re-looking at the beautiful gifts we have received. Plus inspecting how little the clothes are and reading the beautiful books we received to Button. My sister helped me start to pack Button’s and my hospital bag in case I do happen to come early, best to be prepared I guess and have it ready anyway. It is quite funny when you think about packing your bag for all the big moments in life. The last ‘big moment’ was for my wedding and honeymoon and the contents were quite different to what you pack for hospital to have your baby – which will be my next ‘big moment’ in life. Contents have changed from bikini, pretty dresses, stylish clothes, hair straightener to…. maternity undies, tracksuit pants, nothing tight or uncomfortable and leave in conditioner. Oh how #preglife changes your life… and wardrobe.

This week I had also been thinking about post labour life, and became to realise that there will need to be a recovery period for my body after the birth, previously I hadn’t really put much thought into this period. I seemed to be thinking once baby was out I’d be good to go again back to a normal functioning body. It has been a good reminder why an active birth is important to me to help improve recovery time.

Seeing as it was week 35, Sheeds decided it was time to go and finally get our stroller and baby car seat. Since I was still on house arrest our good friend Clay (to-be Uncle Clay) accompanied Sheeds to Baby Buntings. Button’s due date is actually the same day as Clay’s birthday that is pretty special if we are able to hold out till then. So off they went, two mid-30’s year old guys to buy a baby stroller haha, what were they to come back with? I received some videos of them showing me how easy it is to fold up the strollers and after test-driving a few around the store they picked the I-Candy, all black of course with them two choosing the colours. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall watching them discuss what they felt would be best. I was quite happy with their purchase and the car seat with extra head support. Only thing they forgot was the cup holder attachment, oh no!

This week definitely is getting real with the labour creeping towards us. I have realised that I am actually a little scared, or maybe not scared as such but uncomfortable of the unknown. I feel confident about the birth process for when I’m actually in it, however it is the not knowing when this event will occur and that it is completely out of my control when Button will decide to be born. So it is the waiting, and how unsettling it is making me. I’m hoping I am still 4 weeks away from labour but it is constantly in the back of my mind it could be any day. Does any other mum-to-be feel this way? Or is it more pronounced for me because I’m a ‘control-freak’?They say that you animals know before you do when you go into labour, so every time Meeka has looked at me weird or does something strange with me I have a little freak out and tell her to stop it, poor Miss Meeka. I’ve continued to be sleeping quite deeply this week until Friday night when Button was doing a lot of moving around which was quite painful, resulting in limited sleep. This got me all worried that it may be labour and that I still had many weeks that I wanted to get things done. After thinking about it I was able to realise this discomfort was from eating quite a bit throughout the day of rather heavy foods that would have been harder to digest and taken up more room in my abdomen. (Note to self when heavily pregnant the quantity of food needs to be reduced, especially at night)

This worry was short-lived and rather more annoying that I couldn’t sleep, but I definitely acknowledge that I need to work through this stagnant little worry that is in the back of my mind, find confidence to TRUST the process of this period and enjoy the unknown. I hope that once I reach 37 weeks and then won’t be classed as premature birth, that this will pass and I’ll be more accepting and open for Button to come at anytime. It is 1 week tomorrow till 37 weeks, so I need to find some peace in the meantime, I’m unsure at this stage how I am going to do this, but will let you know how I go.

Oh the lessons that continues to pop up through pregnancy.

Yours in Health



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