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Weekly Baby News

Baby Size: 43.7cm, 1918 gm (1.9kg)

The growth up until week 33 is an important indicator of the baby’s health. Your midwife maybe able to predict the approximate birth size of your bub, not that it matters it will be what size it is meant to be. Remembering that every mum grows a baby she is able to birth and they never use to have all the fancy scans etc. Bub will get to approximately 45cm by the end of week 33, with the growing of bub so will the level of discomfort for mum. The baby if not already, will start to turn and/or engage in the pelvis in preparation for birth.

Mamma changes: while excitement and anticipation increases, unfortunately discomfort and more annoying issues can develop for mum-to-be. These including constipation, indigestion, backaches can persist and increase, haemorrhoids, varicose veins. Be rest assured they can be attended to, symptomatically treated and prevent any worsening by your naturopath or holistic practitioner, depending on symptoms. It is recommended for discomfort and pain that you continue taking omegas, plus turmeric is also helpful to reduce inflammation, however acupuncture and yoga will specifically assist to shift this pain and discomfort.

Naturopath Advice

Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

My first degree, after school, was in Aromatherapy and Massage, which ignited my love for herbs and the beauty/ therapeutic aspects they have to offer. Now I prefer to only receive a massage (hehe), but I do continue to use my aromatherapy in daily life and recommend for my clients. I was able to pull out my old oil bible and found my stretch mark formula that I made for many clients and family members as a gift for their pregnancy. And now I’m happy to share with you all, see recipe below.

To assist the prevention of Stretch marks, naturopathically we recommend good doses of Vitamin C and Zinc. The Vitamin C enhances collagen production and zinc is for skin healing and health. Zinc liquid can also be applied topically to the skin.

Bergamot – 2 drops

Patchouli – 2 drops

Lemon – 2 drops

Tangerine – 2 drops

Walnut or Wheatgerm carrier oil – 25mls

Precautions: please avoid direct sunlight after applied the oil due to the Beragmot and Lemon, which can increase photosensitivity of the skin. Easily avoided by applying nightly before bed.

Alkalising Potassium Juice

I have been having this daily to keep my body alkaline and support fluid throughout my body and uterus for bub. Not to mention assist with cleansing of my digestive system and skin, which is always helpful at any stage through pregnancy.

¾ cup parsley

2 stalks of Kale

1 small green apple or ½ large green apple

15cm length of cucumber

¾ cup water or coconut water

Blend in Vitamix or Blender

(That is Miss Meeka my dog in the picture, who also enjoys a green juice)

My Journey

Week 33 and my 2nd week of being housebound, surprisingly I’m coping quite well and shocked how much work I can actually still get done at home. My husband brought my desktop computer home from my clinic that has helped productivity and I’ve set up a little study nook corner until the office/clinic is set up. Sheeds has been very busy this week after work and well into the night to get the nursery and office finished, plastered, painted and ready for carpet to go in on Saturday, plus finishing tiling in bathroom and laundry, he is seriously a renovator machine. My parents arrived Friday and were very helpful in packing up my clinic and moving it home, then once the carpets went in on Saturday moved everything in and set it all up. They also drove all around the Sunshine Coast collecting goods for me including all the baby furniture from Bubs Boutique in Noosa. Many thanks to the ladies there that pushed my order through so it arrived early and dad was able to set it all up for us.

Come the end of this week, thanks to the team of friends and my parents, we have actually finished out renovations of our house (after almost 3 years)!! Well there are still touch ups to do but we have finished the last two rooms and now have a nursery and clinic/office. It feels very bizarre that we have all rooms complete and after this long living in a half construction site we now have a family home. Now to go through the storage boxes and clean out what we need and really don’t need. This will be done hopefully once my ‘nesting’ kicks in and I can be very strict with what we keep and don’t keep.

This week for me I have definitely been able to acknowledge how beneficial rest has been. Which I have never truly understood before as my functioning has always been get everything done then your able to rest, however the catch is that I’m so good at making lists for myself I would never get around to completing my tasks, therefore never resting. I still have a very tight stomach that is quite uncomfortable and intense at times, and also have experienced a pain mainly at night that feels like it is in my urethra. Urinary tract infections can be common in pregnancy especially in the 3rd trimester when there is limited room in the pelvis. My midwife did a urine sample to check if I did or not which came back negative thankfully, as antibiotics weren’t going to be an option for me regardless, due to the many ways we can treat UTI’s naturopathically which are less harmful for mum and bub. (I will outline in next week’s Naturopath section of blog). So my discomfort is coming from Button hanging out low in my pelvis with all that pressure. This week I also went and saw my acupuncturist, Paul Shields, who helped with ensuring my nervous system was relaxed, and my kidneys nourished so my amniotic fluid could continue increasing. I’ve also kept to an alkalised diet this week with plenty of fluids to help out as well. Plus keeping off gluten and refined/processed sugars to keep inflammation minimal, a healthy gut and to assist in an easier labour (not that we want labour just yet).

Next week I’ll be able to see my clients again which I am greatly looking forward to having them in my new clinic and also putting my naturopath hat back on J

Yours in Health

Talita x


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