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Weekly Baby News

Baby Size: 39.9cm – 1319grams (1.3kg) – the size of a Wombok cabbage

Baby Senses are enhancing: Hearing is improving more and more and will respond to all sounds, especially loud sudden noises. Eyelids can open and close. The baby also moves his/her eyes around in pattern that is similar to rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. Begins a sleep-wake cycle, meditation is useful and important to feel these different times for the baby. The respiratory system is not fully mature however rhythmic breathing movements occur with still no gas exchange of course, just amniotic fluid.

Mamma changes: Blood pressure may decrease as the baby grows and puts more pressure on the main vein that returns blood to the heart (Vena Cava). Oedema can begin or increase due to the change in sodium retention in the kidneys and rise of body fluid (8.5L). This can result in swelling of fingers, hands, feet and face. You can help reduce the instance of this happening with my hydrating formula (coconut water ¼ cup, Himalayan salt ¼ tsp in 750mls of water).

Naturopath Advice

Do you have sugar cravings or just can’t break the fatigue? This can be a sign that you aren’t getting enough protein or that your baby is stealing it all and leaving minimal for you. An abundance of protein is required due to the speed of growth of the baby’s organs and tissues. Your total intake of protein daily is 1.0 – 1.4g/kg of body weight. For example if you are 70kg your daily protein requirements are 70-98 grams. Best to get individualised advice from your naturopath or nutritionist if unsure.

A great way to satisfy sweet cravings and increase protein, good fats and fibre to your diet is with Chia Pudding.

I use 1 can of Organic Coconut milk poured into a 500ml mason jar, then add 1/3 cup chia seeds – shake – put in the fridge. Then 10mins later shake again. By the morning or in a few hours it will be chia pudding. Then you can have a few spoonful’s of the pudding with your favourite nuts, seeds and berries = yum!

Yoga Advice

Your body is starting to slow down and movement is getting a little more challenging. While you may not feel like doing any exercise in this trimester and would prefer to clock up the hours in bed or on the couch, it is important to keep active. Yes the intensity reduces however the third trimester is time to prep for the labour and keeping up a level of movement will contribute to a shorter, easier labour. Yoga is the BEST way to prep for labour with all the beautiful goddess and leg strengthening poses to help you last the endurance of labour and also recover quicker. Remember we want to be empowered, strong, and connected woman through labour with not only our body ready but also our mind, hence the beauty yoga has to offer.

Recommended Poses:

  • Standing poses: as the pregnancy develops balance can become challenging so best to use the wall if needed for balancing.

  • Goddess/ Horse Pose / Squatting poses: this is the main position you will be in when birthing so it is important to strengthen those legs. Becoming a goddess needs practice, so squat your way into becoming mamma goddess

  • Seated poses to widen the hips in preparation for birth: Upavista konasana & Supta baddha konasana

  • Restorative poses with an abundance of props: these can be deliciously comfortable poses and also useful to use between contractions in labour

  • Savasana and Yoga Nidra: these can be great moments to connect with your baby by placing a hand on your heart and a hand on your baby

  • Pelvic Floor Toning

  • Active Birth Movements: figure eights with hips, hip circles on all fours / seated / standing

  • Arm stretches and shoulder rolls: important to stay in the habit of good posture and keeping those shoulders back prior to breastfeeding. This is a common strain for new mothers, the tension created from poor posture with breastfeeding. So stay a mindful mamma and practice keeping those shoulders back.

Contraindicated Poses:

  • Inversions: still a funny topic especially for those experienced yoginis. While it is advised not to practice inversions this is an individualised decision according to you body. Inversions have been found useful for a breech baby, however this would be under strict supervision and advice.

  • Unsupported backbends: due to the already pressure on your lower back you don’t want to risk putting extra stain on this area

  • Savasana: this is fine to do however recommended to put a rolled towel or block under your right hip to alleviate pressure on Vena Cava. Or I recommend having a inclined supta Buddha Konasana it is deliciously comfortable and helps open those hips also.

My Journey

Week 30 – wow 10 weeks to go this is crazy, where has the year gone! With 10 weeks to go you may assume I would be completely organised right? Completely wrong! Anyone who knows me will probably describe me as a planner and organiser, and this is usually the case however, strangely I am the most unprepared mama-to-be around. Yes I am organised in the way of birth knowledge, wishes and getting my head in the right place – which you could say this is the most important. However in the way of baby things I haven’t even brought something to put him/her in after the birth. I have however brought a cute beanie from Beau_Hudson, priorities right haha. That is the plan though for next week is to by some staples needed for bub. Saying this I did finally layby my nursery furniture, however it will take 6 weeks to arrive, nothing like cutting it fine.

This week I felt really good to be back in the clinic with new improved mental clarity which has been fabulous seeing as I’ve experienced baby brain over the last few months, I’m putting it down to having a little holiday to allow some space to come back into my brain.

Now I’m not sure if everyone struggles with this but the body changes are bizarre! As I’m starting to get bigger of course there is an elevated level of discomfort as well as frustration when it comes to clothes. From this I feel like a qualified pregnancy clothes alterations lady. I have taken to many of my clothes by cutting seams of underwear, moving buttons, or resewing buttons that have popped off, digging out the old quick-unpick from the sewing box to rip out elastic from pants, because any type of elastic or tightness triggers discomfort and elevates my body heat. Not sure what I’ll do with the altered clothes after pregnancy however I did save myself money by not having to buy more clothes.

This week I went to Pregnancy Yoga in Peregian Beach with Sherry. She is a qualified Iyengar teacher and this prenatal class definitely suited me. I do love the light and fluffy of other classes however this class was less about the baby talk and more on getting my body in the right positions to support any pain I was experiencing and also correct body prep for labour. I found this incredible helpful as I was starting to get lower back pain and in my left glut. Sherry was able to identify why with a lazy left quad, so now I can be mindful and prevent worsening. I will definitely continue going back for this prenatal goodness and body care her classes provide.

Yay third trimester is off to a great start with feeling great mentally and physically, best embrace this period before it is lost to getting extra large and not so free-flowing.

Yours in Health



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