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Weekly Baby News

Baby Size: 33cm Head to Toe, approx. 800gm

Bub will be having regular movements and respond to touch. This can be a fun time from rubbing your belly your baby can move to touch or move away. This also comes in handy when he/her has a foot or hand in a painful position. With rubbing that spot the baby should move it elsewhere. Heart Rate of the baby is between 120-160 bpm. In old midwives tales they say if the heart rate is slower it is more likely to be a boy, the higher the heart rate the more likely it is a girl.

Naturopath Advice

How are you feeling at this stage of pregnancy? Now heading into your 3rd trimester is a good time to check in with your naturopath and ensure everything is on track for you nutritionally and systemically, including sorting out any niggling symptoms you may be experiencing. This is a good time to check in with your immune system including getting your microbiome optimal for birth to ensure the healthy exchange of bacteria for bub’s immune system.

Baby Growing Nutrition – Snacks

= think protein!

  • Goji Berries & nut mix

  • Coconut ice-cream with hemp seeds – YUM

  • Salmon cakes

  • Meatballs

  • Falafels

  • Seed cookies

  • 1 cup of bone broth

  • Carrot sticks with hummus

  • 1 cup of organic popcorn

  • Guacamole & snow peas

  • Raspberries and Blueberries with Yoghurt & seeds or Quinoa

  • Sprouted Bread with coconut oil and avocado + salt & pepper, flakes & lemon juice

  • Sprouted bread with avocado & goat’s cheese, lemon juice

  • Wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese & alfalfa

  • Leftover roast or mash vegetables (this was my favourite)

My Journey

Renovation Update: Sheeds put glass timber doors in to the huge hole in the wall which will look beautiful and will let so much glorious light into that room from the balcony. And the stone bench tops went on in the laundry and bathroom, now we just need to finish tiling and do the feature timber splash back in both rooms, oh and put doors on which will be helpful rather than having a toilet with a view (thank goodness we have our Ensuite).

I filled in for Danielle’s Prenatal Yoga class (Yoga NRG) this week, it was heaps of fun and I could use my new prenatal yoga skills. However was interesting trying to remember a bit of a sequence with the challenge of my baby brain, good thing the mums understood completely about how baby brain can get in the way haha. This is the class I’ve attended a few times as a student and was beautiful to create the space with these mammas that I had already met, but from a teacher perspective. Plus it was also fun to share my prenatal yoga knowledge with them, with a bit of holistic natural health thrown into the class. I do greatly enjoy teaching yoga, the connection it delivers (especially in prenatal yoga) is quite addictive, thus why I endeavour to set up my own prenatal class after Button has come along. Pre-natal & post-natal yoga I believe it such an important group to be apart of through the baby chapter of life, as it no longer provides connections to other mammas but also creates a safe space that is so very helpful and nourishing, which all mammas need and deserve. Time for self becomes minimal for woman so even if it is just once a week that we get to give to ourselves, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you haven’t already I greatly recommend you source a mum’s yoga near you to attend and connect with.

This week was the only week of May that I was home, so fresh back from Byron then also getting organised for our road trip to Sydney for the Mindd Conference. Plus of course squeezing in as many clients as possible, yes it was a little crazy of a week. However totally worth the craziness as I found out 2 more of my clients are pregnant!! Such happy and exciting days, especially seeing as I’m pregnant at the same time and can completely understand the ups and downs that we go through (as you would have read from my blogs if you read regularly haha). I love that since being pregnant I’ve attracted more pregnant/ fertility / preconception clients, not only am I overly passionate about pregnancy/babies but more so about preventing health at preconception. From working in mental health and treating many different conditions has always got me thinking, seeing as natural medicine is all about prevention why can’t I combine my work passion and prevent mental health starting from preconception. This work greatly inspires me and by acknowledging where nutritional deficiencies and biochemical aspects are affecting not only mental health, but health in general, this is where my future focus is going to be within my clinic.

Stay tuned for the exciting new direction Lahlita Natural Medicine will take.

Yours in Health



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