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Weekly Baby News

Baby size 15-17cm long Head to toe and 150-280gm in weight.

The baby is starting to become covered in Lanugo, which is fine hair and will be complete after several weeks. The skeleton is still cartilage and has hardening to do, however the myelin is beginning to form around the spinal cord. Myelin is a fatty protective layer that assists functioning of the nervous system.

Naturopathic Advice

Symptoms & Natural Treatment:

  • Restless Legs – Treat with Magnesium, topically and internally, hydration formula (see recipe in Week 6), identify deficiencies (iron, minerals, Vit D), massage legs with peppermint oil, increase walking/ yoga/ stretching.

  • Bleeding gums – Treat with vitamin C, raspberry leaf tea, gargling of Himalayan salt water, probiotics

  • Stretch marks- Treat with topically applying Vitamin E oil with St John’s wort or Gotu Kola herbal extracts, or essential oils neroli / mandarin / lavender. Internally Vitamin E, Vitamin C, zinc, Essential Fatty Acids

  • Constipation- Hydration is vital, exercise (yoga or walking recommended), chia seeds, probiotics, Saccharomyces boullardi, massage abdomen with coconut oil in a clockwise direction.

  • Sleeplessness- Daily Exercise. Ensuring adequate nutrient levels: magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, EFAs, protein. Comb 5 Nervine Tissue Salts, Teas: passionflower, chamomile, lemonbalm. Topically or diffuse essential oils: chamomile, lavender, neroli

Blessing Way

A blessing way is a alternative or addition to a Baby Shower, and also more traditional than a baby shower. I’ve never been a fan of baby showers as feel they are very awkward, commercialised and full of unhealthy food all coloured in either pink or blue or both, with a mix of people from all aspects of your life, which can be strange trying to mix everyone together – please note this is my opinion and completely fine if baby showers are your thing.

I’ve decided to have a blessing way in the morning with my close like-minded friends, then in the afternoon a BBQ in the park with friends and family. Where my husband and I can be together rather than be segregated males/females. Plus using the occasion as an excuse to catch up with everyone pre-baby life.

You may be asking what exactly is a Blessing way? Well a blessing way is a traditional Navajo (Native American) ceremony, which celebrates the woman’s right of passage into motherhood. Unlike a baby shower where focus is on the baby and bringing gifts for the bub, a blessing way focuses on the mother, minus the gifts. The circle is more about sharing love, support, confidence and nurturing for the mother as she prepares for the birth of her baby. The blessing way also helps prepare the mother emotionally, spiritually and physically for the new chapter of motherhood with the surrounds of her friends, mentors, family members of those she has great love and respect for. The circle of woman share stories about their own journey and also connections they have with the mother-to-be, a truly beautiful and empowering space. Rituals or ceremonies can be used to send blessings and wishes for the mother and bub such as use of candles, beads to make bracelets, flower crowns, or Henna, the list goes on. What a beautiful non-commercial way to celebrate such a special moment in life.

My Journey

Week 17 consisted of too much work with late appointments, a birthday party, trip to the Gold Coast and an appointment with my naturopath. It was how it sounds, way too busy for a baby-growing woman! And I write this as I’m sitting on my couch feeling as though I’m going to pass out. Not optimal for a healthy pregnancy, as I advise my clients to ensure they listen to their bodies and embrace as much rest as possible. I really need to listen to my own advice!

The week started with a very cute 1st birthday party, we caught up with friends that all seem to have 1-2 kids under 4. It was crazy to see so many of our friends, and school friends all in the parent phase, however crazy it was also beautiful to see the life journey people are on. The birthday party made everything very real for my husband and I, we realised on the drive back to Coolum that our life is seriously going to change in just over 5 months. Feelings of fear and confusion came up as we thought about the unknown, how our lives with a baby would be but at the same time there was excitement to see what kind of child we will create and how our little family will work and be. It was lovely to be around young families and to be able to talk babies and gather helpful information, plus get insight of mum-life.  The afternoon also gave us confidence that we will be able to do this parenting thing, we will just have to work it out as we go. I think it is natural to feel lost and worried while pregnant however am grateful for the kindness of those around me that help acknowledge the up and down journey.

Work was seriously crazy this week and I became extremely tired and found it hard to get through to the end of the week. We went to friends for dinner on Thursday night and gosh it was HEAVEN to not have to worry about what to cook, and not to have to cook. While I am a zombie of an evening lately it was still perfect to escape cooking and not be attending to emails late into the night. Also a great reminder that I need to take a step back to give myself time to rest, as this week was ridiculous and quite frankly stupid that I pushed myself so much. I also drove to the Gold Coast to catch up with an old friend and her bub then to attend a seminar. Again a little crazy pushing however totally worth it for catching up with my friend who is like-minded with similar baby views. Plus a quick look in baby shops in Burleigh Heads for inspiration never hurts, I’ll definitely be back soon for some purchases once the renovations are done and I can set the baby room up. Oh yeah did I mention we are still renovating the other half of our house. Nothing like keeping busy at home after being busy at work haha, hats off to my husband who works his butt off and has done most of it himself, good thing I now get out of painting hehe.

On the way back from the Gold Coast the following day I stopped in for an appointment with myNaturopath. Which may seem strange however naturopaths need naturopaths too, especially me as I need someone to lay it all out for me what exactly I need to do otherwise I struggle to keep on track with things at times. Plus this beautiful woman has knowledge like no other, she is such an inspiration and is not only a naturopath, but also a celebrant and married my husband and I. She gives me emotional/ spiritual support and counselling and will also be running my Blessing Way in the coming months, a true ANGEL. The appointment was just what I needed, a very good tidy up and overhaul to get me in to a improved state physically and emotionally for my pregnancy. I was given a new dietary guide and increasing of supplements due to nutrients that need more love. My script even consisted of mediation, which is something I had been lacking of late. I came away feeling a little upset at myself, however grateful to step up to the challenge of these new changes. My trip to the coast inclusive of catch-ups with friends, uni friends and the naturopath session plus a 2 hour solo drive home to do some processing was very helpful and emotional of the reality of where I was currently at. I got upset at myself for pushing so hard and being ignorant to the fact I was growing a baby, which really isn’t a holistic pregnancy. From this I felt very heavy and I also felt that my baby was angry at me (silly now I know), however this weight did pass once I was able to get home and start putting things in place to improve my self-care with the coming week. It was great to acknowledge (while also hard) that I need to take a step back and focus a little more on my pregnancy to ensure optimal outcomes. No more compromising my health and pregnancy for others, my little bubba comes first!

My Supplement List now consists of: Activated Natal Multi, Probiotics, Calcium, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Fish oils, plus meditation.

Yours in Health

Talita Sheedy


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