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Weekly Baby News

Baby size: 7.4cm, about the length of a pea pod and weighting 20-30gm

This week your baby is legally a person! Baby growth has certainly come along nicely with all organs and systems now being formed, your baby even getting fingerprints this week, so while the big stuff is done there are still a lot of minor details that we don’t think of e.g. fingerprints! Plus the increase in growth and weight has a long way to go. The bones continue hardening, veins are still visible and the bowels are practising peristalsis movements (contraction and relaxation of the digestive tract).


Hooray for the 2nd trimester when morning sickness is meant to leave us and we gain that pregnancy glow (well for some at least). Here are the changes/improvements that you may be experiencing, some may not be wanted or optimal, however this is pregnancy remember:

  • Changes of smell and taste – Naturo Note: Zinc and B Vitamins will help to regulate these

  • Continual growing uterus which this trimester can increase lower abdominal pain as everything lets go

  • Weight gain, may start to experience back pain with the changes of size and balance within your body. These changes of balance are due to the increased release of Relaxin hormone that will change the way your waist/hips hold and increase flexibility – Naturo Note: caution yoginis not to over stretch

  • Placenta is now in charge of hormones for the baby instead of the corpus luteum

  • Increase in Oestrogen 2 levels that stimulates uterine growth & breast development

  • Increase in Cervical fluid and vaginal discharge. The pH changes also so there is a increase instance of developing thrush – Naturo Note: to help prevent thrush, use jojoba oil for lubricant for intercourse if needed, rather than coconut or almond due to their natural sugars

  • Decrease in hCG levels

  • Increase in Human Chorionic Somatomammotropin (hCS): help to prepare for lactation, increase growth of baby through protein synthesis

  • Constipation becomes more likely due to the reduction of GIT motility and less stomach acid released to breakdown foods – Naturo Note: increasing fibre is important to assist this trimester, plus apple cider vinegar to compensate the lowered stomach acid

Naturopath Advice

HYDRATION: Ensuring hydration levels continue to be important, especially if pregnant over the summer months. Through pregnancy our body temperature is higher and we do become exhausted and experience shortness of breath more commonly. Plus we have increase of blood flow around our body so hydration is vital to assist many functions. Fluid retention is common in pregnancy and while it may turn you off drinking water, high fluid intake is actually needed to prevent fluid retention. Hence 2nd trimester is a great time to work on these fluid levels before the discomfort symptoms of pregnancy arise in the 3rd trimester.

Easy and great ways to stay hydrated are: herbal (non-caffeinated) teas, bone broth, fresh vegetable juices, and the hydration formula – given in week 6, you can minus the ginger if morning sickness has passed.


Now this may be a little late on in the pregnancy and it is really best to know what fish you can and can’t eat for the first trimester when there is more risk involved, however it has taken me this long to put together all the high risk/ low risk fish we can and can’t eat. I found myself just avoiding fish all together which was very hard when I usually eat fish 2-3 times a week. Not to mention I’ve had to hang up my smoked salmon daily addiction since being pregnant so I did have some resentment towards the creatures of the sea. But the benefits of eating fish are so high it really is worth knowing what fish are good to eat. The big benefits include a great source of protein and full of omega-3 that supports brain development. The nasty side to some fish are that they contain high levels of mercury that has been shown to harm the brain and neurological development.

Guidelines recommend not exceeding more than 2 serves per week. Here is the list:

  • Fish/seafood HIGH in mercury to be avoided: shark, orange roughy, swordfish, ling, mackerel, marlin,

  • Fish/seafood with MODERATE amount of Mercury: bass, carp, cod, crocker, halibut, lobster, Mahi Mahi, Monkfish, Perch, Skate, Sablefish, Snapper, Tuna, Weakfish (sea Trout)

  • Fish/seafood with LEAST amount of mercury: anchovies, butter fish, cat fish, Clam, crab, domestic crabs, flounder, addock, hake, herring, mullet, oyster, ocean perch, plaice, Pollock, salmon, sardines, scallop, shrimp, sole, squid, tilapia, trout – fresh water, whiting, white fish

If you’re not a fish-eater you can get your important Omega’s from other sources:

  • Fish oil supplement (please check with your naturopath for a quality, low mercury product, do NOT buy the biggest and cheapest from the chemist or supermarket)

  • Flaxseeds or flaxseed oil. It must be purchased from the fridge as it can be very unstable to continual refrigeration is required. If warm or room temperature it is not worth buying it. Feel free to ask the store if it is delivered in a fridge truck.

  • Seeds and Nuts: sunflower seeds, almonds, pine nuts, cashews, brazil nuts the list goes on.

My Journey

My belly has definitely popped this week. No more flat stomach, she is gone indefinitely. I do wonder how long it will take to get my pre-baby body back, however that is a very long time away as I have a lot of out-growing to do. It has been a little play on my mind as I’ve always stayed active and fit plus always watched my eating habits, so this week has been getting comfortable with putting on weight, knowing it is pregnancy and that’s ok. My sister has laughed at me when I’ve brought it up so I do just need to get over it and get the phase of loving my new curvy growing body. At least enlarged breasts are also part of the deal that is easier to get my head around haha. Baby body here I come!! #embracetheessence is my affirmation in life and you may have seen as my business slogan.

My hormones are definitely kicking in this week, as my emotions have been heightened. Basically I haven’t been able to stand people, yes people in general. This is nothing personal it is just where I’m at. From craving nature and wanting time along, and not fulfilling this has brought me into being aggravated and annoyed by people AND cars actually, the sound of cars. Hibernation has been priority thinking this week, locking myself away from the world for the pregnancy. I’ve been dreaming about owning some land and being able to have my bare feet on the lush green grass everyday with a little creek on the block that I can watch my thoughts and feelings being washed away. Nature and Anti-social haha. A pattern of my pregnancy has definitely started to form, that being stepping back from the world, going within and spending quality time of connection in nature. I need to feed this enough so I can also handle day-to-day life and people. It has improved since taking time for myself and getting back into my daily yoga practice, now that I’m feeling better. Yoga has certainly facilitated my connection to nature and myself. I feel I can easily get lost in the craziness and drama of society plus the pressures I put upon myself to work and achieve, which does not serve or feed my soul, hence resulting in frustration and feeling of being lost. Thankfully I’m able to recognise when I become disconnected now and put tools in place to reconnect – YOGA, Meditation, and Nourishing food, plus early to bed and early to rise. Blogging has helped immensely as well, as it is time I’ve allocated to focusing on my feelings and the pregnancy. It helps me to connect to what’s happening in the present and also gives me time to acknowledge my pregnancy and growing buba.

This week I also had my midwife appointment. We went through my physical history and also what the next steps are. I absolutely LOVE having a midwife as it takes out the ‘medical’ vibe from the pregnancy and feels more nurturing around this time. I found my midwife at Coast Life Midwifery. They are a group of private midwifes that can have as much or as little as you like to do with your pregnancy and birth. www.coastlifemidwifery.com.au  My midwifes name is Deyna, she is from England originally and is a beautiful soul that I am extremely excited to share this journey with, she is quite funny too which makes it fun. The next thing for me is to meet my obstetrician, then at 18 weeks I’ve chosen (at this stage) I will get the 18/20 week scan. This is the big scan that check positioning of the baby and placenta, all organs etc. (I’ll go into more detail when I get there). At this time I’ll also recheck all my nutrients, through pathology and that I’m on track from a naturopath’s perspective.

We revealed to the world this week that we were pregnant and gosh were we blown away with the love and support we received!! Much love to all our loved ones, friends and extended friends from all over the world, your warm wishes were overwhelming and are truly thankful to have such amazing souls in our world.

Yours in Health

Talita x


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