Children’s Natural First Aid Ebook




This 11 page ebook is an essential resource for all parents when it comes to managing common childhood health complaints naturally.

Drawing on her 11+ years of naturopathic clinical practice and personal experience of motherhood, Talita has put together this resource in the hope that other parents can become empowered in managing such conditions in the comfort of their own home with simple remedies.

This Ebook covers:

  • Digestive conditions such as worm treatment, diarrhoea, constipation, sore tummy, fussy eating and gastro.
  • Immune conditions such as fever, cold symptoms, earache, croup, cough and virus prevention
  • Skin conditions such as bites, strong, hives, rashes, scratches, falls, bumps, bruising, school sores and impetigo.
  • Emotional and mental conditions such as headache, irritability, upset, nervous system regulation and sleep support

Also contains:

  • Comprehensive list of foods that are high in specific vitamins and nutrients
  • Kid’s herbal brew dosage guide
  • Food recommendations for specific illnesses and conditions.