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For you who don’t know me, my name is Talita Sheedy and I’m a qualified naturopath, aromatherapist, and yoga teacher. I’ve set up this blog to share my experience through pregnancy and also give you a holistic, natural medicine view to pregnancy, including nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and yoga. From specialising in woman’s health through my professional years, I’ve identified there is quite a bit of lacking material and information that connects all the dots through pregnancy from a holistic view or only skims the surface. There are medical/ conventional views, alternative views, hippy views, personal views, which are all helpful but for me I felt the need to tie in as much as I can from all of these different views to not only educate myself further on pregnancy but also for the greater community and my clients who are on the pregnancy journey themselves or hope to be in the future.

Through this blog I endeavour to share the good, beautiful and ugly of my pregnancy, I don’t want to write a blog that is all about the good things, sunshine and sunflowers, as that would not be reality, and when experiencing things for the first time I feel it would be helpful for you to understand the reality, rather than setting up expectation of a blissful pregnancy that may not be.

Already so many of my previous expectations have been turned upside down, for example, because I was a healthy naturopath prior to pregnancy I expected I wouldn’t even get morning sickness!! Oh how I was wrong! Haha. So from that moment when I was slapped in the face with nausea I decided to let go of ALL expectations. Having a clean slate has been excellent and taking out alot of stress, even created a sense of calm (maybe it is the hormones as well).

Join me through my journey of pregnancy and birth, to view a naturopath’s perspective and what I look for in a holistic pregnancy. I will share as much information as possible from both medical and holistic views, so you can understand the science as well as the traditional knowledge to the growth of bub-to-be. I hope to deliver insight from a different view to encourage you to make the choices right for your pregnancy and the acceptance that every pregnancy is unique.

My journey all began in South America….

Yours in Health,

Talita Sheedy


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